WWE Star Teases New Teammates

WWE Star Teases New Teammates WWE

An intriguing set of interactions were observed by eagle eyed fans during tonight’s WWE NXT seemingly teasing a new alliance.

Whether he is shopping for allies or creating a new faction wasn’t clear, but one WWE star was observed speaking to numerous NXT talents in the background of other scenes before making some interesting comments

Shawn Spears appeared in two different backstage segments where he was seemingly chatting up two different NXT tag teams.

In one scene featuring Dante Chen in the foreground which led to a match later with Lexis King, (Chen won, King violently beat him down after the match), Shawn Spears was seen speaking to OTM members Lucien Price and Bronco Nima.

Then he was seen speaking to the team of Tyson Dupont and Tyriek Igwe in the background of another backstage scene that focused on Chase U.

Later in an interview segment with Kelly Kincaid, Shawn Spears spoke cryptically about observing the youth in the locker room and the ‘daunting path’ of forging their own future.

He specifically noted that there was ‘one in particular’ that he had his eye on and posited that he could be the guiding force the person needs.

He then vowed to ‘show them the way’ and he walked off, not naming who he specifically was referencing.

The championship belt was also revealed for the first time – you can click here to see the new title.

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