WWE Star Reveals He Is Working Through Injury

5 months ago by Amanda Savage

WWE Star Reveals He Is Working Through Injury WWE

A popular WWE star has recently revealed on a fantasy football podcast that he is continuing to work through injury, find out who!

In an appearance on the Ekeler’s Edge podcast, noted fantasy football fan Mike ‘The Miz’ Mizanin revealed that he is currently working through an injury.

Discussing his grueling schedule, The Miz said:

“I just got back from Monday Night Raw, I didn’t have a match, but anytime you have matches, and we have matches over the weekend, any match, your entire body is sore. My neck, my body.

“When I’m done, I don’t feel it, then the next day I’m like, ‘Where is this coming from?’ I have a bursa sac that I bursted that just keeps blowing up. It’ll go away and then comes back. I messed up my shoulder a little bit. You try to workout and work through it and maintain your body.”

While he didn’t actually end up in a match against Dexter Lumis on Monday’s edition of WWE Raw, he will be participating in a dark match at SmackDown despite the painful condition, noting:

“Just this week, I have to go to SmackDown…I’m not a SmackDown superstar, I’m a Raw superstar, there are two brands. I’m going on Friday just to do the main event dark to give them something a little more. That live crowd, you’re not going to see me on TV, but that live crowd will see me.”

The Miz continues to attempt to lose former NXT star Dexter Lumis who seems intent on stalking the A-lister.

According to Johnny Gargano however, The Miz has earned scorn from Lumis due to an unfulfilled promise which Gargano has threatened to reveal. 

We’ll have to tune in next week to The Miz’s regular home, Monday Night Raw, for further developments!

Transcription via Fightful

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