WWE Star Going To Therapy?

WWE Star Going To Therapy? WWE

The continuation of an intriguing WWE storyline appears likely to include some kind of therapy session in the near future.

The WWE Draft took place a month ago and saw a total of 18 NXT talents being moved to the main roster.

Von Wagner was one of those names, but he wasn’t drafted by either Raw or SmackDown specifically, instead ending up as one of several “free agents”.

As established on last night’s May 30 episode of NXT with Mustafa Ali and Baron Corbin, being a free agent means a talent can show up on all three brands.

After being drafted, Wagner has still been appearing on NXT pretty much every week, including a match a week ago against Luca Crusifino which saw Wagner get disqualified for getting carried away attacking Crusifino at ringside.

A storyline has been playing out with Wagner’s manager Mr Stone looking to get to the bottom of a mysterious photo of Wagner as a young child, seemingly showing him undergoing some kind of head surgery.

The problem is, Wagner won’t open up about what actually happened.

On last night’s NXT, footage was shown of Wagner and Stone in the locker room after the aforementioned match a week prior, with Stone still urging Wagner to open up about whatever it was from his childhood that led to his head issue.

The encounter went like this:

Stone: “Don’t take what I’m about to say the wrong way, okay, but whatever went on in your past, you have some serious anger management issues. And if you’re not gonna listen to me, I think it’s time you talk to a therapist.”

Wagner: “A therapist? What the hell is that gonna do for me? What, so they can just take my hard-earned money?”

Stone: “Look, dude, I got it. I’ll take care of the money. Please, I’m asking you to do this for me.”

Wagner: “I’ll think about it.”

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Based on that, we can perhaps assume that some therapy session segments are coming soon, and maybe the revelation of Von Wagner’s seemingly traumatic backstory is approaching as well.

So far, since the draft, Wagner has only appeared on a main roster show once, which was the Intercontinental Title #1 contender battle royal that was won by Mustafa Ali ahead of Night of Champions.

Of course on the topic of therapy, if you are going through legitimate mental health issues, worldwide support and helplines can be found at this link.

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