WWE Star To Join British Soap Opera ‘Coronation Street’?

2 years ago by Liam Winnard

WWE Star To Join British Soap Opera ‘Coronation Street’?

In a headline I never really thought I’d write, a certain WWE star wants to become part of the cast for popular British TV soap opera ‘Coronation Street’.

Paige, who is still under contract with WWE despite no longer being an active wrestler due to injury, and having been absent from TV for a while, posted a tweet after Corrie had followed her on Twitter.

She wrote:

For all my brits out here.. @itvcorrie just followed me and could NOT be happier, throw me in an episode Corrie Orrieeee!

The story doesn’t stop there though, because the official Coronation Street Twitter actually replied to her, writing:

Hey! We just sent you a DM on your Insta!

So… this is a thing that legitmately might be happening – albeit probably a one-off appearance. How long do we give it before she slaps David Platt?


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