WWE Star Has Two Different Names In Latest Hilarious Website Error

3 months ago by Connel Rumsey

WWE Star Has Two Different Names In Latest Hilarious Website Error WWE

The roster page on WWE.com is the fastest and most reliable source to keep up to date with all your favourite WWE stars on the active roster.

That is, most of the time, because sometimes the roster page can be rather outdated, and other times you get situations like today.

When Commander Azeez returned to television back at NXT Vengeance Day, he did so by turning on his former mentor Apollo Crews, returning to his previous Dabba-Kato ring name.

Dabba-Kato returned to the NXT roster the same time as Apollo Crews last year, but did not return until Vengeance Day, so he was still listed as Commander Azeez on the Raw roster page.

Well, now WWE has added Dabba-Kato’s profile to their roster to reflect his return, including a new updated render of him with his beard.

However, Commander Azeez’s profile still remains up on the website, and it even has the updated render of Dabba-Kato!

While Dabba-Kato is only appearing as Dabba-Kato and not as Commander Azeez, the change to his render for the Commander Azeez profile couldn’t have happened by accident.

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