WWE Star Says Ultimate Dream Is To Voice Character In A Video Game

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WWE Star Says Ultimate Dream Is To Voice Character In A Video Game WWE

A WWE star says their ultimate dream is to voice a character in a video game and cosplay them in the ring.

During WWE Royal Rumble 2023 weekend, Zelina Vega revealed that she will be part of the upcoming Street Fighter 6 video game commentary team.

Vega has always been a huge fan of video games and is known for cosplaying several of her favorite characters from games in the past.

During IGN Fan Fest, Zelina spoke with IGN and stated that her ultimate dream is to begin doing voice acting work in a video game. She also wants to eventually cosplay as a character she voices in the wrestling ring. Further elaborating on her dream, Vega stated:

“So I actually really want to get into voice acting. Yes, I love it.”

“I’m a huge fan of Naruto and Demon Slayer, and I’m just like, ‘Man, it would be amazing to have this full circle of voicing a character and then cosplaying them in the ring.”

“So, whether that is for Street Fighter in the future, maybe whether that’s for Naruto: Ninja Storm, or for maybe a Demon Slayer game or something like that, but I would love to voice the character and then cosplay them. That’s like my ultimate dream.”

Zelina Vega is of course not the only WWE star who is fully invested into the video game world. Xavier Woods and several other stars on the UpUpDownDown YouTube channel share their love of video games with the world weekly.

Thanking Woods for giving WWE talent a platform that allows them to be themselves, Zelina said:

“It’s amazing, honestly, and it’s so cool because it’s run by somebody who’s such an amazing soul. Everybody loves Woods. Everybody loves him, and I feel like, to have someone like him just in charge of something like that, makes you just want to go in there and show out.”

“Whether that’s showing out in the way of like really trying hard on the video game because you want to win, or just doing it for the fans to see an extra side of you that they don’t get to see all the time, it gives us an outlet to just be ourselves.”

“He makes it just comfortable and okay to just be silly and nerdy, and however we want to be that day.”

As previously reported, Zelina Vega recently recalled her meeting with a WWE Hall of Famer in an interview.

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