WWE Star Unmasked After Match

4 weeks ago by Amanda Savage

WWE Star Unmasked After Match WWE

Tonight a WWE star was unmasked after a match! Find out all the details on the events that took place right here.

On tonight’s episode of WWE NXT (May 2) there was a match between two masked men in Axiom and SCRYPTS.

As the pair went to war, in the end Axiom won the match, but afterwards, extended a hand of sportsmanship to the downed SCRYPTS.

Apparently not one to adhere to any honor codes, SCRYPTS on the other hand took this opportunity to attempt to attack Axiom, but was instead met with a post-match beatdown and unmasking.

Surprising very few fans, SCRYPTS was unmasked to reveal the acrobatic fan favorite Reggie, with the NXT crowd beginning to immediately chant his former moniker.

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You can watch the clip of the unmasking here:

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