WWE Star Wins First Match Of 2023 (Video)

1 month ago by Connel Rumsey

WWE Star Wins First Match Of 2023 (Video) WWE

Baron Corbin has had a very eventful career in WWE, at times he has won, a lot, and at time he has lost, a lot.

Corbin is currently not having a good run of things on Raw, with him and his manager JBL parting ways back in February after JBL branded Corbin a joke.

In the months since, Corbin has picked a lot of fights that he has ended up on the losing end of, with Akira Tozawa even telling him that he will be the last pick in the upcoming draft because ‘nobody wants him’.

Believe it or not, Corbin has not one a single match for the entirety of 2023 so far, but he snapped that streak at tonight’s WWE live event in Paris.

Corbin was victorious against Rick Boogs at the live event, ending his losing streak to a big pop from the French fans.

Corbin will learn his WWE Draft fate on the second night of the Draft, with him being a part of Monday’s pool.

Boogs himself has some Draft-related worries, that being whether he and his new tag team partner Elias will be separated in the Draft on Monday.

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