WWE Star Written Off TV

WWE Star Written Off TV WWE

A recent departure from WWE has now had their character fully written off television in a segment on tonight’s NXT.

The NXT parking lot appeared to claim another victim on tonight’s episode of the show in a segment that seemed to suggest someone has been ‘taken care of’.

It isn’t unlike the No Quarter Catch Crew to seemingly rely upon shady means to disappear wayward faction members, notably having a feud over non-payment with The Family after the sudden departure of Drew Gulak.

While Gulak in real life departed WWE, another such case from the same faction was explained similarly tonight.

No Quarter Catch Crew’s three remaining members – Charlie Dempsey, Myles Borne and recent addition Tavion Heights – were shown at the trunk of a car.

Banging the trunk shut angrily, Dempsey said their motto of “Mistakes won’t be tolerated!” as he repeated it numerous times while shoving someone/something into the trunk – insinuated to be Damon Kemp, who announced his WWE contract is expiring in August.

With both Borne and Heights seemingly pledging loyalty through repeating the phrase, the trio would then look to get in the car when they noticed someone else was watching.

Wren Sinclair, who was seemingly just in the parking lot at the same time, signaled that she ‘didn’t see anything’ and didn’t want any part in whatever they think she saw.

No Quarter Catch Crew would go on to speed off, presumably to the same bridge that Tony D’Angelo takes stars to toss over when they are written out of NXT.

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