Backstage Report Reveals WWE Stars’ Reaction To AEW Chaos With CM Punk

Backstage Report Reveals WWE Stars’ Reaction To AEW Chaos With CM Punk AEW

In a new report, WWE stars react to the backstage melee that allegedly took place after AEW All Out involving CM Punk.

In a new report from Fightful Select, an assortment of thoughts from WWE talent regarding the backstage melee that allegedly occurred after the AEW All Out media scrum.

During the chat with the media on hand, CM Punk blasted the AEW EVPs (heavily alluding to the Young Bucks) as well as Colt Cabana and had plenty of vitriol left for former in-ring foe, Hangman Adam Page.

According to Fightful Select, plenty of folks at WWE had something to say about the CM Punk chaos occurring currently at AEW.

While two talent were noted as having been unsure if the press conference meltdown was actually a work, they later reached back out to say they had confirmed it was indeed very real.

Interestingly, many of those who had worked with CM Punk directly seemed unsurprised about the issues arising with the star.

While one “top WWE star” said they believe that the CM Punk that they had known years ago was being highlighted, others were more direct in their assessment.

The report reading:

“You can’t expect a lot of people here to have a lot of positive things to say about Punk, and I think he’s aware of that and has probably come to peace with it,” one talent who worked with Punk in the past said. “I feel like he’s trying to run things there, and it looks like he’s doing it.”

The prevailing sentiment was also that it seemed that CM Punk was in control of things and not Tony Khan, with confusion from two WWE talent regarding why Khan would not have provided some kind of follow up comment while CM Punk was bashing the EVPs, the people who started the company with him.

Also according to the report, another “longtime main eventer” told them that they considered CM Punk’s actions unprofessional and they “don’t believe he’s the company man or leader that he made himself out to be.”

The same person would go on to refer to CM Punk as both “selfish and arrogant,” a thought that was repeated by several other sources, including those that worked with Punk at FOX.

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