WWE Stars Having “Mental Issues” On The Main Roster

2 years ago by Louis Dangoor

WWE Stars Having “Mental Issues” On The Main Roster

On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer has spoken about WWE stars experiencing “mental issues” after getting called up to the main roster from NXT.

Meltzer explained that due to the mishandling of several former NXT stars on the main roster, those that have been called-up are supposedly “having mental issues”:

“There are people who would rather go to the main roster, but when they get to the main roster, that’s when they start having mental issues. The problem is with these guys that people don’t realize is that when they go up there and they’re booked to fail and they fail it really weighs on them. These are guys who have been nothing but successful for years and years and years at everything they’ve done and everything’s been a positive. Then all of a sudden, you start thinking and you start second-guessing yourself.

“How many guys have you seen who are great, who are booked like sh*t and all of a sudden, I don’t want to say they start wrestling like sh*t, but they don’t start wrestling like when they were good. It’s because they start second-guessing themselves and they begin to think that maybe I’m not that good.”

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