WWE Stars Respond To Being Released

3 years ago by Andy Datson

WWE Stars Respond To Being Released

Losing your job or a colleague can be very sad, or if you’re a WWE star, probably quite relieving. Luke Harper, Sin Cara and the Ascension all found themselves out of a job last night when WWE announced that the foursome had been released from their contracts.

It has to be said that none of them seem particularly bothered about being released, something illustrated best by Viktor of the Ascension who simply tweeted:

That’s certainly one way to put it.

Sin Cara took a different strategy, and tweeted to thank WWE for his time with the company, and then set his pinned tweet to one of him and Alberto Del Rio, perhaps teasing a switch to MMA.

Luke Harper hasn’t commented on his release yet, but he has been thanked by Mustafa Ali, who Harper saved from a possibly horrible injury at WrestleMania this year when he stopped Ali landing directly on his neck.

The four stars will have to wait until March 8 before competing for another promotion due to WWE’s 90-day no complete clause.



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