WWE Stars To Release Song Together

2 years ago by Liam Winnard

WWE Stars To Release Song Together

WWE Raw star Jeff Hardy has said in an interview that he hopes to release a song alongside fellow star Elias at some point in the future.

Hardy has an album on the way which is expected to be in 2021, and he told Metro that he hopes he can work with Elias who released an album of his own just a few weeks ago.

Speaking with Metro, Hardy said:

“Even with Elias, I think there’s something gonna happen as far as me and him doing maybe one song together. Music kinda bonds us, you know!”

Hardy and Elias were actually embroiled in a rivalry recently on Raw, which ended with the former winning a Symphony of Destruction match on November 30.

Elias has since started a partnership with Jaxson Ryker while Hardy has been teaming with Riddle, although the latter seems to be more temporary.

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