WWE Tag Team Breakup Coming Soon?

1 month ago by Liam Winnard

WWE Tag Team Breakup Coming Soon? WWE

It appears we may be getting closer to seeing the breakup of a tag team in WWE NXT that has been teased for several weeks now.

During last night’s May 2 episode of NXT, we got our usual look inside the class at Chase University, including its star pupils Duke Hudson and Thea Hail.

However, there was one notable absentee, that being the dean of the University, Andre Chase himself.

Chase’s absence was explained as him still suffering from the effects of his match with against Bron Breakker a week prior.

However, class was still in session as Duke Hudson stood up and pretty much nominated himself to take over Chase’s position in teaching the rest of the pupils.

Hudson had with him a folder labelled the Duke Hudson Curriculum, and proceeded to tell the class about the WWE Draft.

Usually, Andre Chase will ask his pupils some questions in what he calls a “pop quiz” about a given topic, but Hudson didn’t do that.

And as it turns out, the rest of the class loved the fact their was no pop quiz and erupted into a big cheer.

So essentially, the idea is Hudson has taken over the class from Chase, and the pupils actually prefer Hudson being the teacher, which Chase obviously isn’t going to be very happy about when he returns.

There have been numerous teases of Hudson ditching Chase U, including at Stand & Deliver when he nearly joined Schism but chose against it, as well as plenty of other times where Hudson could have saved Chase from being attacked and didn’t.

At the end of the segment, Hudson said that “Duke U” had a nice ring to it.

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