Top WWE Star Pitches Interesting Tag-Team With Brock Lesnar

2 weeks ago by Sanchez Taylor

Top WWE Star Pitches Interesting Tag-Team With Brock Lesnar WWE

Bobby Lashley has shared a pitch for him to team with Brock Lesnar, following their recent rivalry.

All three of Lesnar and Lashley’s singles bout have been presented as clashes of titans, with the two dominant stars trading wins in their 2022 bouts, ahead of their most recent match.

Speaking on Sony Sports Network’s ‘Next Stop Hollywood’ show, Lashley noted that he and Lesnar could be the ‘modern day Road Warriors’.

Commenting on the potential partnership, Lashley said:

“This is completely farfetched on a whole different angle. I thought me and Brock, we fight a lot against each other, what if we were on the same team?

“We’ll be like the modern-day Road Warriors. It’ll probably be fun. The crowd will probably get off on watching us go through dismantling people together. That would be pretty interesting.”

Lashley notably defeated Lesnar to win the WWE Championship at Royal Rumble 2022, following interference from Roman Reigns.

The Beast scraped a win against the All Mighty at Crown Jewel 2022, with Lesnar controversially pinning a dominant Lashley.

In their most recent encounter at February’s Elimination Chamber premium live event, Lesnar lost the bout via disqualification after dropping Lashley with a low-blow.

This finish was reportedly changed due to plans for Lesnar’s original WrestleMania 39 match being scrapped, which you can read more about right here.

Transcription via Sportskeeda

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