WWE Tag Team Put Their Future In Your Hands!

5 years ago by Wrestle Talk

WWE Tag Team Put Their Future In Your Hands!

Whilst the belief is that the saccharine relationship between Sasha Banks and Bayley will soon turn sour, WWE are doing a credible job of making us believe the union is for good. In turn, the further they proceed with this storyline, the sweeter the split will be.

The company have gifted them a team name in the Boss & Hug Connection, matching attire, and now they’ve sent Sasha Banks out onto social media to interact with fans that get to choose the name of the couple’s tag team finishing maneuver, so give them your best.

Whilst a singles affair between the two former NXT Women’s Champions was originally slated for SummerSlam, allowing them to cash in on the anniversary of their 2015 classic in Brooklyn, it’s now looking like the split has been postponed until later in the year. Well, unless the company is going to rush it. If WWE don’t want to go down the Four Horsewomen vs. Four Horsewomen route, then a singles battle isn’t looking likely until WrestleMania 35.


WrestleTalk would like your suggestions for finisher names for the duo, your thoughts on which is the better competitor, and whether you are willing to wait until WrestleMania 35 to see them finally do battle at the culmination of a long storyline. You can contact us on Twitter and Discord today.

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