WWE Tag Team Splits Up

WWE Tag Team Splits Up WWE

A WWE tag team has split up after a loss tonight when they turned on one another and continued having a brawl to end the show.

In the main event of tonight’s NXT, Lola Vice teamed with main roster partner Shayna Baszler to take on Karmen Petrovic and Natalya.

In the end, Petrovic was able to pin Lola Vice to pick up the victory for her team, using the classic Hart Attack double-team finisher.

After the match when Baszler approached Lola Vice to help her up, Vice instead roundhouse kicked Baszler in the head, seemingly knocking her out while Vice danced over her lifeless body.

However, when Lola paused again on the outside of the ring to dance, the camera showed that Shayna Baszler was up and ready to fight.

Locking Vice in a Kirifuda Clutch, Baszler was choking out Vice until she was stopped by referees.

In the ensuing melee, the women would attack each other and be pulled apart multiple times before NXT GM Ava arrived on the scene.

Ava announced that if Vice and Baszler wanted a fight, they could have one at NXT Battleground – however, Baszler would grab the mic and demanded a specific stipulation.

Shayna Baszler proposed an NXT Underground Match for Battleground from the UFC Apex arena in Las Vegas on Sunday, June 9, 2024.

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