WWE Tag Team Wants To Win The NXT Tag Titles In 2021

2 years ago by Tempest

WWE Tag Team Wants To Win The NXT Tag Titles In 2021

Everyone has a different New Years resolution in WWE. Many of them involve winning championships for the first time and that is the case for the 205Live tag team the Bollywood Boyz.

Speaking with Sportskeeda, both brothers revealed their goal is to win the NXT Tag Team Championship in 2021. It would be the first time the duo have won tag gold in WWE. Here is the quote:

“I think the focus is NXT Tag Team titles. In your career, you gotta see it as chapters, and that was a chapter in our career. We learned a lot from R-Truth, he’s such a veteran. You know, the entertaining, the comedy, having fun. We learned a lot, we traveled the world with R-Truth. We wrestled him in New York, in London, and all over the world, even Saudi Arabia. But, that was a chapter in our lives and it was fun.

“Now we are focused [on] becoming NXT Tag Team Champions. If you’ve seen our recent work in 205, it’s probably the best work we’ve ever done and that’s, luckily, because guys like Shawn Michaels are giving us a lot of feedback and helping us advance our careers to the next level.”

Sunil and Samir Singh have been in WWE since the Cruiserweight Classic in 2016. The two had their most notable run as Jinder Mahal’s henchmen during his WWE Championship reign in 2017.

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