WWE Talent ‘Unpleasant To Be Around’ Backstage

2 years ago by Liam Winnard

WWE Talent ‘Unpleasant To Be Around’ Backstage

Some details have come to light regarding the WWE departure of backstage interviewer and host Charly Caruso.

It’s been reported that Caruso had heat backstage, will no longer be appearing on TV, and will either be released now or just let go when her contract comes to an end.

As per Ringside News – which has a good track record with WWE backstage news in recent times – the situation does not come as a surprise to the locker room.

It was initially reported she had heat for being late to conduct interviews, but that’s apparently not the only reason, as RSN was told “she’s just generally unpleasant to be around and management got tired of it”.

Charly Caruso does also work with ESPN so she won’t be completely out of work upon her WWE duties ending. WWE brought in Kevin Patrick as her replacement.

She does know Tony Khan so a potential move to All Elite Wrestling (AEW) is a possibility too.

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