WWE In Talks With Major Broadcaster For Upcoming Projects

WWE In Talks With Major Broadcaster For Upcoming Projects WWE

The WWE sale saga officially came to an end earlier this month, when it was announced that WWE had officially been sold to Endeavor, with the company set to merge with the UFC.

The sale has led to some discussions about the future of WWE’s broadcasting when their media rights deals come due, and there have reportedly been discussions between WWE and a major broadcaster for new projects.

Per PWInsider Elite (via WrestlingNews.co), there have reportedly been renewed discussions between WWE and ESPN about potentially working together on new projects.

The report notes that PWInsider were told that this isn’t currently a discussion surrounding a weekly series, and that the two sides are working out what the projects they could work on together could be, and that it is very much early on in conversations.

ESPN licensed older WrestleMania events during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic to broadcast, also sending UFC legend Daniel Cormier to WrestleMania 39 in Los Angeles as their point person for interviews and coverage.

The report also notes that, as of late, another promotion has been in talks with ESPN (while PWInsider have not confirmed which company it is, they did state that it isn’t AEW), but with WWE stepping into the fold, the continuation of those talks could be at risk, as WWE is the industry leader and ‘king’ to major cable networks.

The feeling with WWE’s rights fees coming up, as well as Endeavor’s acquisition of the company pending, they will lean towards getting the WWE brand and programming in as many potential places as possible, and are welcoming all conversations, unless someone were to pay a rich premium bonus for exclusivity.

If Endeavor is looking to entrench WWE in as many places as they can, that would obviously prevent other groups from getting deals in those places.

Wherever WWE lands with their new rights deal, and how many places they land, would have a ripple effect on every other company.

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