Here Is When Tegan Nox’s WWE Return Was Finalised

Here Is When Tegan Nox’s WWE Return Was Finalised WWE

When Triple H took over WWE creative back in July, and began re-signing stars that had been released under the previous regime, there were a lot of names speculated about.

One of the names speculated about a lot was Tegan Nox, who previously worked for Triple H as part of NXT.

The speculation came to an end on this week’s SmackDown, when Tegan did indeed return to the company.

Tegan made a surprise return to help Liv Morgan fight off all three members of Damage CTRL.

Reports emerged from Fightful Select earlier in the day that an agreement had been reached, and Nox was returning ‘imminently’.

Imminently turned out to mean an hour after the report emerged.

This led to speculation that Tegan’s return was finalised last minute ahead of her return on the show.

However, per Fightful Select (subscription required), despite Tegan’s return not being telegraphed internally in the company, the deal for her return had been made for some time.

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2 years ago by Connel Rumsey



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