WWE Thought Surprising Former Star Could Win WWE Championship

WWE Thought Surprising Former Star Could Win WWE Championship

During his latest Something to Wrestle with podcast, Bruce Prichard revealed that WWE (then WWF) higher-ups thought very highly of Ahmed Johnson when he signed with the company in 1995.

Prichard noted that while Johnson was never promised a title win, people within the company thought that he had the potential to be a WWE Champion later down the line, something that never came to fruition:

“Yeah, there were big plans for Ahmed Johnson and with him coming in. That son of a bitch just oozed charisma when he came out and looked like he would kill you. So, very athletic. Could do some sh*t. Did not know his own strength. Was not the greatest worker in the world by any stretch of the imagination.

“However, he was exciting and he was unpredictable. So, those were things that you could harness. We were hopefully going to be able to mold some of the unpredictability about him at least in the ring. Ahmed had the look.

“Ahmed was one of those guys that were on the shortlist of ‘I could see him as WWE Champion’, and no, he was never promised that. But he was one of those guys that internally, we looked at and down the line, could you get Ahmed as WWE Champion? Yes.”

Ahmed Johnson, who made his last WWE (WWF) appearance at the No Way Out of Texas show in Feburary 1998, did manage to win the Intercontinental Championship during his time with the company, but never the top belt.

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Thanks to WrestlingInc for the transcription.

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