WWE Told Top Star They’d Be ‘Less Valuable’ If They Didn’t Get Vaccinated

WWE Told Top Star They’d Be ‘Less Valuable’ If They Didn’t Get Vaccinated

A lot of questions were raised when it came out that people being unvaccinated played into some of last week’s WWE releases.

In the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it was made a bit clearer what WWE’s stance is and how the company is approaching talents’ vaccination status.

Nia Jax said in a statement after she was released, and the Observer reiterated, that WWE didn’t outright tell people that being unvaccinated would lead to them being released, but it was also noted that the company does “very much encourage it”.

One particular unnamed “top wrestler” who was unvaccinated was reportedly told they’d be less valuable to the company if they didn’t get it done, because they wouldn’t be able to do overseas tours without it.

It’s perhaps worth mentioning at this point that Sasha Banks, who many believed was unvaccinated after she apparently liked some ‘anti-vax’ social media posts months ago, was on the WWE UK tour this past week. We’re not implying Banks is who the report is referring to, but it’s a relevant point to make here.

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3 years ago by Liam Winnard


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