WWE Files To Trademark PPV Name Amid Cancellation Rumors

5 months ago by Sanchez Taylor

WWE Files To Trademark PPV Name Amid Cancellation Rumors WWE

Per the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO), WWE has filed a trademark related to a notable premium live event.

On November 2, WWE filed a new application for a trademark for the term ‘TLC: TABLES, LADDERS & CHAIRS”. Per the filing, the trademark is intended to cover use with merchandising.

The following description accompanied the filing:

Clothing, namely, tops, shirts, jackets, sweatshirts, hoodies; outerwear, namely, coats; bottoms, pants, shorts, underwear, dresses, pajamas, lingerie, clothing ties, scarves, gloves, swimwear; Halloween and masquerade costumes; footwear, namely, shoes, sneakers, slippers, flip flops, boots; headwear, namely, hats, caps; wrist bands; bandanas; championship trophy belts

WWE still has A TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs trademark for ‘entertrainment services’ live. The application for this specific trademark was filed in 2009.

Following reports that WWE plans to nix the annual Hell in a Cell premium live event because they don’t want to have to shoehorn the stipulation match into booking plans, many speculated that the TLC special would also be on the chopping block.

WWE last held a TLC event in 2020, with the planned 2021 show cancelled in favour of the new WWE Day 1 January 1, 2022 show.

As of writing, WWE doesn’t have a TLC event scheduled for the end of 2022.

It was initially reported that WWE planned to host a TLC event in Saudi Arabia, however this ultimately didn’t happen.

There will be a notable premium live event gap following Survivor Series: WarGames on November 26, with the next special expected to be the January 28, 2023 Royal Rumble event, following the reported cancellation of WWE Day 1 2023.

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