Bayley Discusses Resuming ‘Wild’ WWE Travel Schedule

Bayley Discusses Resuming ‘Wild’ WWE Travel Schedule WWE

A recently returned WWE star has commented on what it is like to be back in the ring and to resume the wild WWE lifestyle!

While no one ever wants to be taken away from their profession, after an extended absence it can be difficult to make the transition back.

In no profession does this seem more stark than professional wrestling where the rigors of the ring seconded by the rigors of the grueling travel schedule.

Recently returned star Bayley recently spoke to “The Five Count” podcast where she described getting used to the schedule again.

Bayley said:

‘”It has been pretty hard, to be honest. It’s been a lot of fun and I’ve been doing things that I’ve never done before and it’s been an honor being on all the shows, just running wild on all the shows, but my body is so confused.

“I was home for a year rehabbing and now it’s like, ‘Oh wait, you still do this? Do you still wrestle? Do you still travel like a mad woman?’ So, now that my body and my immune system is catching up to the travel schedule again I’ll be alright. WWE lifestyle is so wild, but I’ve been having such a great time.”

Bayley made a triumphant return at SummerSlam along with IYO SKY and Dakota Kai making their main roster debuts after impressive runs on NXT.

They have since revealed themselves to be the powerful faction named Damage CTRL and are even rumored to be possibly adding more members which you can read about here. 

Transcription via WrestlingInc.

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