Here’s What Triple H ‘Almost Never Mentioned’ In Creative Meetings

2 months ago by Dave Adamson

Here’s What Triple H ‘Almost Never Mentioned’ In Creative Meetings WWE

In its three-year and six-month (almost) history, there was one WWE championship that stood above all others for the number of champions.

With over 200 championship reigns, the WWE 24/7 Championship was introduced on Monday Night Raw in May 2019, being won by Titus O’Neill in a scramble match, before disappearing from screens in November 2022 when Nikki Cross threw it in the general vicinity of the trash.

Since then, the championship has been absent from WWE television, and recent reports have revealed how Triple H viewed it.

A new reported from Fightful Select quotes a WWE source as saying:

“(The title) was almost never mentioned in a creative sense, but allowed for some fun moments for live event shows.

“The future of the title seemed to be up in the air and it wasn’t something that we heard Triple H ever talked about.”

After taking over the creative helm, Triple H’s lack of interest in the belt was clear, with the belt not changing hands in the first three months of his control.

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