Triple H Praises WWE Comeback At Royal Rumble

2 months ago by Dave Adamson

Triple H Praises WWE Comeback At Royal Rumble WWE

WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H has praised the return of a superstar following a serious injury that sidelined them for most of 2022.

Speaking at the Royal Rumble post-show press conference, Triple H reflected on the return of Cody Rhodes from a torn pectoral muscle, saying:

“I will congratulate Cody on going through what he did for all of us, for this industry, for himself.

I know what that’s like, I’ve been in that spot. Unfortunately, a few different times, and I can admire what goes into it.

“For him to be able to turn that around and come back tonight and do what he did is amazing in and of itself.”

Cody went into his match at the 2022 Hell in a Cell against Seth Rollins with a torn pectoral muscle and was able to complete the match.

Triple H would then go on to discuss Cody’s achievement, winning the Men’s Royal Rumble and setting his course for a WrestleMania bout against Roman Reigns for the WWE Undisputed Championship, stating:

“Congratulations to him, punching his ticket, like he said, something that no one else in his family has been able to do, but punching that ticket to the main event of WrestleMania, having that moment to be out there, stand in front of that incredible crowd and do what everybody dreams of.

“I believe that the people that make fun of it are the people that believe they’ll never get the chance to do it, and that is point to that sign that says you’re going to WrestleMania in the main event.”

In the same interview, Triple H would also discuss comparisons between Cody Rhodes and his father, the late-great Dusty Rhodes.

Transcript from Fightful.

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