WWE Name Recalls Triple H Pitching Main Roster WarGames Match To Vince McMahon

WWE Name Recalls Triple H Pitching Main Roster WarGames Match To Vince McMahon WWE

Former WWE writer and current SVP of Live Events ‘Road Dogg’ Brian James has recalled a previous pitch to bring WarGames to Survivor Series.

This year’s Survivor Series event will have a different feel to previous years’ events. Instead of the traditional 5-on-5 tag bouts,  two WarGames matches will take place on the November 26 show instead.

The show will notably be the first Survivor Series premium live event with Triple H running creative as the company’s Chief Content Officer.

On his Oh You Didn’t Know podcast, Brian James revealed that Triple H had previously pitched to have WarGames matches at Survivor Series 2019.

James said:

“Yes, and look he’s always wanted to do that, he’s had that in mind, and that’s why we started doing it down there (NXT). But yeah, he wanted to do it there. It just wasn’t time yet.

“I feel like Hunter (Triple H) liked that match a lot more than Vince (McMahon) did. And I think Vince thinks, and rightfully so by the way, this cannot be argued with, it does step on Hell in a Cell a little bit.

“Like you can’t have those two close together because it’s a huge cage match and a huge cage match and how do you promote and keep special one or the other? So it is a debate to be had.

“Hunter always thought that WarGames was a great, you know, one of (Dusty Rhodes’) creations that was awesome. And he wanted to carry it forward. So yeah, he always had that idea.”

Survivor Series 2019 was unique in its own way, with stars from NXT featuring on the card, and actually winning the night overall.

Check out the announced card for Survivor Series 2022 right here.

Transcription via TJRWrestling.

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