Update On How New WWE Twitch Deal Affects Wrestlers

2 months ago by Dave Adamson

Update On How New WWE Twitch Deal Affects Wrestlers WWE

Recently, it was reported that WWE had inked a new deal with Twitch allowing its stars to return to the streaming platform.

As per the previous report, WWE and Twitch reached an agreement to allow WWE stars back on Twitch with almost no restrictions.

It was also reported that the revenue will be a three-way split between WWE, Twitch and the talent, with the latter two taking the “majority”.

Further details have now emerged clarifying the arrangement and the split between all three parties.

Bryan Alvarez of Wrestling Observer reported that:

“It is confirmed through talent that WWE’s Twitch cut is from the Twitch side, not the talent side.

Andrew Zarian, also of Wrestling Observer, provided additional details, writing:

“Spoke to a source regarding the Twitch deal with WWE.

“According to them WWE execs negotiated for talent to get a larger cut than other creators on the platform.

“This was described to me as a “very talent-friendly deal”.”

With the report that the WWE cut comes from the Twitch side and isn’t taken from the talent earnings, it would certainly appear to be a “very-talent friendly deal”.

It was also reported by Fightful Select (subscription required) that “the WWE split of the new Twitch deal is very low, in the single figures.”

Zelina Vega recently announced plans to return to the streaming platform, though hadn’t set a date at the time of writing.

WrestleTalk will keep readers updated on the WWE/Twitch deal story as further details emerge.

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