WWE Has ‘Verbal Agreement’ With City To Host WrestleMania

2 weeks ago by Ryan Coogan

WWE Has ‘Verbal Agreement’ With City To Host WrestleMania WWE

New details have emerged regarding the current tentative plans for WrestleMania 43, which is scheduled to take place in 2027.

While the event is still a long way off, WWE has already started planning well ahead with a potential host city in mind for the event.

According to American newspaper The Tenneessean, WWE has a verbal agreement with The Music City in Nashville, Tennessee to host the 43rd edition of the show of shows.

However, the agreement is contingent on the city building an enclosed stadium in time for the premium live event.

Butch Spyridon, CEO of the Nashville Convention & Visitors Corp, told the newspaper that they have a verbal commitment from WWE to host WrestleMania if the promise the build the appropriate infrastructure is kept.

Speaking to the newspaper, Spyridon said:

“The minute the Mayor’s office and the Titans released the stadium term sheet, we started looking for opportunities. WWE had an incredible experience at Nissan Stadium this past summer, and we started talking.

“WrestleMania is considered the No. 6 top sports event brand in the world, and we are grateful for their confidence and belief in Nashville.”

When asked for comment, WWE issued the following statement:

“Nashville has exploded as a cultural center in the United States and as the land of opportunity. WWE looks forward to hosting many events in partnership with the great city of Nashville at the proposed enclosed stadium.”

The city will vote in the near future on whether or not to build the stadium .

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