WWE Management ‘Very Happy’ With Raw Star’s Progress

4 weeks ago by Liam Winnard

WWE Management ‘Very Happy’ With Raw Star’s Progress WWE

WWE is reportedly “very happy” with the progress of current two-time United States Champion, Austin Theory.

It’s well known that Theory is planned for a WrestleMania match against John Cena, and a new report from WrestlingNews.co has shed some more light on it.

The report mentioned that “as of December”, Cena was actually planned for a match against Logan Paul – you can read more about that specifically at this link.

Another thing the report discussed was the current perception of Theory from management and the company, and it looks to be all positive.

Firstly, sources told WrestlingNews.co that Cena “absolutely believes” Theory has everything it takes to become a main eventer, and is coming in to “help put Theory over”.

That’s a sentiment shared by WWE management, who are said to be “very happy” with the progress Theory has made, and are looking at him as someone who can “carry the company” for the next decade.

It was even said that people in the company see things in Theory that fans haven’t seen yet.

Cena will be returning to Raw on March 6, likely to set up the WrestleMania match with Theory. For those that don’t know, Cena is legitimately Theory’s childhood hero.

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