AEW Name Tells WWE Stars ‘Don’t Be A Baby’ About Vince McMahon Return

AEW Name Tells WWE Stars ‘Don’t Be A Baby’ About Vince McMahon Return WWE

Vince McMahon’s return to WWE is now complete, with the news that he has been named Executive Chairman by the Board of Directors.

Whilst this has led to reported unrest backstage, AEW’s Jim Ross, a former executive in WWE, has offered his own, frank advice to those working under Vince’s reign.

Speaking on the Grilling JR Podcast, the former Head of Talent Relations for WWE said:

“I’m sure that the guys that work there are wondering what the hell’s going on.

“My advice to them is just do your job. Come to work on time, don’t be a problem child, don’t be a baby.

“Be willing to go along with things to see how it’s gonna work out.”

Over the past few days, there’s been plenty for WWE staff, whether on the wrestling roster, in creative or on the business side of things, to be concerned about.

Reports have revealed that JP Morgan may have been hired to negotiate the sale due to the fact they operate in Saudi Arabia.

News has also emerged that two former members of the WWE Board of Directors departed because “they did not agree with Mr McMahon’s return at this time”.

Tony Khan has recently stated that he will be following the potential sale of the company “very closely”

Transcript from SEScoops.

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