WWE Hall Of Famer Reveals Shocking Plan Vince McMahon Rejected

2 months ago by Dave Adamson

WWE Hall Of Famer Reveals Shocking Plan Vince McMahon Rejected WWE

A WWE Hall of Famer has revealed the big PPV plan that Vince McMahon asked for and subsequently rejected in horror.

Jake “The Snake” Roberts revealed the story and how it changed at Survivor Series 89 during a recent interview.

At the PPV, The Hulkamaniacs (the team of Hulk Hogan, Jake Robert and Ax & Smash of Demolition) would defeat The Million Dollar Team (Ted DiBiase, The Warlord, The Barbarian and Zeus).

Vince McMahon had a plan for a visual for the match that would have been quite something had it happened.

Speaking to WrestleNews.co, Roberts revealed:

“Vince had come to me and asked me if I could get a bigger snake because he wanted all four of us to hold it.

“He wanted Hogan to hold the head, me behind Hogan, and then Demolition behind me. He wanted us to walk to the ring and all four of us carrying a huge snake.”

Seeing it as a step that would spoil his gimmick, Roberts went on to say:

“So I said, Okay, I gotta do what the boss said, get a bigger snake. He didn’t say how big though, did he?

“So I got a bigger snake. I got a 20-foot Anaconda that weighed about 400 pounds. His head was ginormous. He could have swallowed one of us. That’s how big he was.

“When that thing came out, Vince went, ‘Oh my God. Hell no. Get it out of here.’ I said, ‘Well Vince, I did what you asked.'”

The match, as it aired, would feature all four members of the Hulkamaniacs make their individual entrances, with Roberts bringing Damien, his 20-ft python, to the ring instead.

The match can be seen, in its entirety, below this news story.

Transcript from WrestlingNews.co.

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