WWE Went With ‘Boneyard Match’ For WrestleMania Because Of Coronavirus

3 years ago by Louis Dangoor

WWE Went With ‘Boneyard Match’ For WrestleMania Because Of Coronavirus

Many fans were left scratching their heads last week on Raw when AJ Styles confirmed that he would be going one-on-one with The Undertaker at WrestleMania in a ‘Boneyard Match’.

We have not seen a ‘Boneyard Match’ in WWE before and Raw’s commentary team put over how they weren’t really sure what the gimmick match would entail. However, it seems like this might be a typical Buried Alive match.

While speaking on his Mixr stream, Styles seemed to confirm that the match would have been given a more sinister name but the company opted for something more light-hearted as a result people losing their lives due to the Coronavirus pandemic:

“What the heck is a Boneyard match? Even I was wondering what a Boneyard match is. Under the circumstances, I think there’s a reason it’s called a Boneyard match. We didn’t want to say cemetery, graveyard. Let’s tread delicately on this. Everything that’s going on, it sucks. It’s a combination of things you thought it was, most likely. It’s going to be different. I don’t want to give anything away. I want you guys to enjoy this. Because of the circumstances, I’m so glad that my opponent is The Undertaker, because it’s an opportunity to have a different match. I don’t want to have it in an empty arena. You guys are the life blood of what we do. We react to you. It’s all about you. I wouldn’t be anything without you, but we know how to react based on how you react. All this stuff matters. I feel for the guys who have had to have those matches.”

With many people set to lose loved ones as a result of the pandemic, it makes complete sense that WWE would opt to call the match something more light-hearted than a “Cemetry or Graveyard match”.

During his Mixr stream, the former WWE Champion also seemingly confirmed a report made last week that the match, like John Cena vs. The Fiend, will be filmed away from the Performance Center.

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