WWE Hints That ‘White Rabbit’ Will Be Returning Star

WWE Hints That ‘White Rabbit’ Will Be Returning Star WWE

WWE has now addressed the ‘White Rabbit’ mystery on an official channel, hinting that the culprit will be revealed to be a returning star.

Since the September 16 edition of SmackDown, WWE has been teasing an ominous reveal. This was the first show at which Jefferson Airplane’s ‘White Rabbit’ played, with WWE dimming the house lights for the duration of the song.

Since then, numerous teases have left fans scratching their heads, with QR codes on live WWE broadcasts leading fans to more clues.

While WWE has previously shared teases, the company has now officially verbally acknowledged the odd series of events.

On WWE The Bump, host Matt Camp recapped the main teases, last mentioning the Tik Tok video that the QR code from the September 26 edition of Raw led to.

Fuelling speculation about the star behind the teases, Camp interestingly noted:

“I thought I had a handle on this, did any of you have a handle on who this is? Is it a ‘who’? Is it a ‘what’?, is it a group? I have watched the shows just like everyone else has over the last couple of months and a lot of names we haven’t seen in quite a while have popped back on Monday Night Raw, or on SmackDown, or NXT.”

While WWE The Bump allows WWE names to speak in a much more candid nature, it is very interesting that the first major mention of the White Rabbit mystery was immediately followed up by the host reminding fans that we’ve seen many stars return under the Triple H regime.

Many fans have predicted that these clues are foreshadowing the return of Bray Wyatt, who hasn’t wrestled since WrestleMania 37 in April 2021. The former Universal Champion was released from his WWE contract that July.

Recent teases have hinted that Wyatt will return at the Extreme Rules premium live event on October 8. You can read about these teases right here.

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2 years ago by Sanchez Taylor


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