WWE White Rabbit Rumor Killer Revealed

6 months ago by SP3

WWE White Rabbit Rumor Killer Revealed WWE

A new spoiler has revealed a potential WWE “White Rabbit” rumor killer.

The “White Rabbit” mystery has generated plenty of buzz and intrigue since the QR code led fans to the first teaser.

This week, a new teaser has been making the rounds on Reddit with a tic tac toe game associated to the highly anticipated mystery.

Fightful Select (subscription required) reported that “the Tic Tac Toe White Rabbit game making it’s way around Reddit is not connected to WWE”.

This comes after a now deleted Reddit user posted claiming to have a spoiler for a future clue with the tic tac toe game.

The user also wrote the following caption describing what the game apparently led to:

Tic-tac-toe b/w checkerboard with red hearts (you) and purple clubs (them).

After winning, board turns into a riptide, pulling the rabbit away.

So, if you saw that post going around, it seemingly isn’t true.

Many fans have been wondering if the White Rabbit teasers are leading to the return of former WWE Champion Bray Wyatt after recent reports of discussions regarding him coming back.

As previously noted, WWE may have hinted at another returning star being behind the mystery.

To find out the 11 reasons why the mystery should be the returning Wyatt, click here.

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