WWE Star Calls Potential WrestleMania Location ‘Depressing’

WWE Star Calls Potential WrestleMania Location ‘Depressing’ WWE

Ahead of the mayoral elections, London mayor Sadiq Khan stated he’d like the England capital to host WrestleMania.

Khan made the comments on April 25 ahead of the elections on May 2, saying that he wanted to “fully cement London’s reputation as the undisputed sports capital of the world”.

With Triple H going to on to tweet “let’s talk”, the WWE COO has gone on to say “If you want WWE, come talk to us.

Grayson Waller has recently talked about the idea of WrestleMania in London and he’s less than thrilled about the idea.

Speaking to the Daily Star, the WWE Tag Team Champion made his thoughts on Khan’s comments clear, saying:

“I’m not a political guy, I don’t really pay attention to politics, especially in other countries. I presume this brother was struggling a little bit, so he was doing whatever he could to get re-elected.

“You know, I think the idea of WrestleMania in London’s cool, but I just don’t think it’s something that I want to do, that most of the wrestlers want to do.

“I’ve been to London. it’s a depressing place, and I think WrestleMania in London would be a very depressing WrestleMania. We don’t want that.

“So, it’s Sadiq, right? Well, I think you’re an idiot and WrestleMania in Australia is going to be much better!”

Australia was the host for WWE Elimination Chamber on February 24, 2024, with the show being reported as “the most watched Elimination Chamber in the company’s history.

The other half of the WWE Tag Team Champions, Austin Theory, would share his own thoughts, going on to say:

“Well, Mr Mayor of London, this is Austin Theory. Any awards, any big celebrations that you want to have, I think I am the centrepiece for that. I think I should be standing there, if you want to put a Crown on my head as a King, that’s totally okay with me. I’m cool with that.

“But WrestleMania in London sounds like an amazing idea and I have no doubt that every seat will be sold out. Honestly, there’ll be so many people trying to go to that show, the streets will be filled. So I think going to London for Wrestlemania is amazing.

“Again, to the Mayor, Austin Theory here, the greatest undefeated Tag Team champion of all time. If you want to give me a Crown, call me King of London, it’s on you, but It’s out there.”

The King of London would a new role for the city, although LA Knight did offer to fight King Charles III in June 2023.

King Charles III honored Dave Finlay Sr, the father of WWE trainer Fit Finlay and grandfather of Brogan Finlay and NJPW’s David Finlay, with an MBE in the 2024 New Years Honors List.

Transcript from Daily Star.

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