Top WWE Star Was Told To ‘Lose His Accent’ Before Debut

1 month ago by Jamie Toolan

Top WWE Star Was Told To ‘Lose His Accent’ Before Debut WWE

Former WWE writer Freddie Prinze Jr has seemingly revealed that current star Drew McIntyre was told to drop his Scottish accent prior to his WWE TV debut.

Speaking on his Wrestling with Freddie podcast, Prinze Jr detailed that prior to McIntyre’s August 2009 debut, WWE’s creative weren’t overly keen on his Scottish layered vocals.

This is something that ironically they often try to tap into with most wrestlers from outside of North America, even doing so in the past with Scottish stars The Highlanders (remember them?).

While on the topic of current foreign stars such as IYO SKY not being allowed to speak English on TV due to her accent, Prinze Jr recalled the similar issue with McIntyre back in 2009

Prinze Jr stated:

“Bro, they did it to English-speaking dudes like Drew McIntyre. So they did that with Drew McIntyre.

“When I first worked there, they called him up from FCW and they’re like, ‘You have to lose the accent.’

“I was like ‘What? You can’t make him do that. He’s not a trained actor. He’s never worked on his voice. He is a big ass dude from Scotland.”

McIntyre would thankfully maintain his accent and achieve great success in WWE, primarily in his second stint with the company.

Despite winning two WWE Championships since returning to WWE in 2017, McIntyre’s future with the company has been very much in doubt recently.

Whilst he was involved in the WWE Draft, being moved from Smackdown back to Raw, ‘The Scottish Warrior’ has not been seen since his WrestleMania Intercontinental three-way with Sheamus and Gunther.

McIntyre has been out nursing some injury issues after WrestleMania, but the belief was that he would only be out for a few weeks, and he’s also in the midst of an uncertain contract situation with his deal coming up later this year, with he and WWE still reportedly far apart on coming to terms.

McIntyre was also recently removed from the promotional material for a massive upcoming event, click here to find out further details.

Transcript courtesy of SEScoops

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