How Writers Strike Will Impact WWE Revealed

1 month ago by Dave Adamson

How Writers Strike Will Impact WWE Revealed WWE

With the Writer’s Guild of America undertaking an ongoing strike from May 2 2023, the impact on WWE has now been revealed.

The WGA strike will see the largest co-ordinated labor stoppage since the writers strike of November 2007 which ran into February 2008, bringing a stop to production over, along with other issues, the residual payments writers receive from streaming media.

With movies and television from all top studios affected, the impact on WWE television was addressed by Nick Khan in the recent quarterly results call.

During the call, Khan stated:

“Our writers are not members of the guild, so there is no effect on us whatsoever.

“Of course we are supportive of the writers who are members of the guild and their efforts, and we are hopeful a deal can be reached between them and the other side in short order.”

With Khan confirming that there’s no interruption to WWE’s ability to fulfil its television obligations, Khan has also recently touched upon the impact of the merger with UFC under Endeavor on WWE creative.

Transcript from Deadline.

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