What WWE Writers Are Told When A Star Is No Longer Pushed

1 year ago by Connel Rumsey

What WWE Writers Are Told When A Star Is No Longer Pushed

Former WWE writer and current Major League Wrestling (MLW) CEO Court Bauer recently spoke about his time in WWE.

Speaking to Busted Open Radio, Bauer revealed exactly what WWE writers are told when a wrestler is no longer receiving a push. Bauer said:

“And then there’s stuff you don’t know about like ‘yeah you can’t push that guy.’ And we have no idea what’s happened. We don’t know if there’s a contract issue, we don’t know if that guy has heat for some random reason. We’re just told ‘he’s on the do not disturb list.’”

Bauer also claims that “creative has nothing for you” is an excuse from management to pass heat. He added:

But it’s always kicked back, ‘oh, creative has nothing for you.’ No, creative has something for someone. It may not be the best idea, it might be a horrible idea and you wish they didn’t have something for you. But that was an excuse built out of talent relations to pass the heat, especially when firing someone. Instead of saying ‘hey man, you’re a pain in my ass or we can’t do payroll with you on it at the moment.’ Whatever the issue is. But creative having nothing for you, imagine if you said that to Vince. What would Vince say? ‘Okay, is the wrestler gone or you gone? Cause it’s your obligation to have creative.’ Do you think Vince is just going to shrug that off and say ‘yeah yeah. Okay that’s understandable. Why would you have creative for you guy? I’m only paying you to do that.’ That never made sense to me.”

Court Bauer’s MLW were in talks with WWE about a potential partnership a few months ago.

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