Top WWE Star Reveals ‘Interesting Beast’ Of NXT

3 months ago by Dave Adamson

Top WWE Star Reveals ‘Interesting Beast’ Of NXT WWE

A top WWE star has revealed the “interesting beast” that they discovered in NXT during a recent stint on the white and gold brand.

Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston entered into a feud with Pretty Deadly that would see New Day become NXT Tag Team Champions.

Woods had been under a developmental contract in WWE when he joined the company in 2010 and would be part of NXT in 2012 when it was rebranded from FCW.

He would join the main roster in November 2013 and has been a fixture of the main WWE brand since.

Speaking about his recent appearances in NXT to Review STL,, Woods would talk about the “revitalizing” experience of being around the next generation of WWE stars.

Reflecting on their willingness to learn and how good the talent are in NXT, Woods said:

“We talked to everybody as much as we could. Everyone was super nice and super receptive to everything.”

He would then explore the “interesting beast” of working in a TV studio instead of a touring wrestling schedule, saying:

“It’s cool to go there, to that setting, and see what we like to do and what works and what doesn’t, so getting to mix and match our stuff with some of their stuff to make a new gumbo was really cool.”

Woods would explain that working from a fixed location gives the talent the opportunity to hone their skills in front of a crowd that knows them.

Transcript from Wrestling Inc.

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