Wyatt Sicks Members React To WWE Raw Debut

Wyatt Sicks Members React To WWE Raw Debut WWE

Members of the Wyatt Sicks, let by Uncle Howdy, have reacted to their debut on the June 17 episode of WWE Raw.

Footage from their debut, in which left a trail of destruction in their wake, can be seen below this news story.

The new group were identified as the “Wyatt Sicks” by WWE Shop, with their logo stylizing their name as “Wyatt Sick6.”

As noted in our story into their name, the members of the group are seemingly Dexter Lumis as Mercy The Buzzard, Joe Gacy as Huskus The Pig, Nikki Cross as Abby The Witch, Erick Rowan as Rambling Rabbit and Bo Dallas as Uncle Howdy.

Members of the Wyatt Sicks have now reacted to their debut on social media, with Joe Gacy tweeting:

“We’re Here.”

He would also share a post showing Huskus the Pig on Twitter and a post of the group together on Instagram with the caption “Hello.”

Nikki Cross would post a more cryptic message to Twitter with a graphic that reads:

“You refused salvation.


“The reckoning is inevitable.”

This message was also seen when the QR Code shown on the June 14 WWE SmackDown was followed.

Dexter Lumis shared a photo of the Wyatt Sick6 merch on his own Instagram account after last night’s WWE Raw.

Erick Rowan and Bo Dallas have not yet reacted to the debut on either Instagram or Twitter.

The costume designer for the Wyatt Sicks has also reacted to their appearance on Twitter.

Callosum Studios have a long history with WWE, including designing masks for Bray Wyatt, Rey Mysterio and Asuka.

Jey Uso, who has previously seen Bray Wyatt’s ‘fireflies’ as part of his entrance, reacted to the Wyatt Sicks debut in a cautious tone.

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