Wyatt Sicks Appear On WWE Raw

Wyatt Sicks Appear On WWE Raw WWE

There was another interruption during tonight’s WWE Raw as the Wyatt Sicks made their presence known in the middle of a match.

On tonight’s July 8 WWE Raw, there was a match ongoing between Chad Gable and Jey Uso, and the result was affected by the lights being cutting out, and clearly the Wyatt Sicks were approaching.

The distraction caused Chad Gable to lose his focus and allowed Jey Uso to hit him with a spear and pick up the win.

As the Wyatt Sicks’ music started playing and the arena got darker, Uso dropped a singular ‘Yeet!’ and ran away.

As the ring began filling with smoke around Gable, again Nikki Cross appeared seemingly from beneath the ring which spooked Gable.

While he ran away into the dark, she would bring another cardboard box to the commentary desk and drop it for Pat McAfee.

After the commercial break, Pat McAfee opened the box and it was revealed to contain yet another VHS tape.

As has been the case over the past two weeks, the VHS will be taken to the production truck to be aired later in the show.

UPDATE – Click here for the update on what went down when the VHS was played tonight.

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2 weeks ago by Amanda Savage



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