Young Bucks’ New AEW Contracts Seemingly Break All-Time Record

Young Bucks’ New AEW Contracts Seemingly Break All-Time Record AEW

The brand new AEW contracts signed by Nick and Matt Jackson, the Young Bucks, have seemingly broken all-time records surpassing all tag team contracts in wrestling history before them.

While the exact finances have not revealed, along with other details such as the length of the contracts, according to Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the deals were said to be the highest guaranteed deals for a tag team across any company ever.

According to Meltzer, the Bucks were told by legendary agent Barry Bloom that the deal was a record-breaker, even surpassing the infamously large WCW contracts of Scott Hall and Kevin Nash in the late 90s.

Bloom himself had first-hand knowledge of negotiating Hall and Nash’s WCW deals, making him privy to the details, however, as Meltzer notes in the Newsletter, due to inflation it’s hard to compare the two exactly.

Meltzer writes:

Bloom had told the Young Bucks that as far as he knew, this was the highest guarantee any tag team in pro wrestling history had ever gotten, and that would include the highest contracts for Kevin Nash & Scott Hall in WCW, although obviously comparing a 2023 dollar figure with late 90s in straight dollars doesn’t mean much given how much inflation has changed the value going that far back.

With WWE reportedly very interested in all four members of The Elite, it’s unsurprising that Tony Khan went to extra financial lengths to tie all four members of The Elite down.

Despite missing out on signing The Elite, WWE reportedly did have some preliminary plans for Kenny Omega were he to jump ship to Stamford – follow this link to find out more.

For details on what The Elite’s potential plans for AEW All In from Wembley Stadium might be, check here.

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2 months ago by Jamie Toolan


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