Young Bucks Poke Fun At NXT Changes, Johnny Gargano Reacts

2 years ago by Liam Winnard

Young Bucks Poke Fun At NXT Changes, Johnny Gargano Reacts

The Young Bucks have poked fun at the reported changes being made to NXT, and NXT’s own Johnny Gargano has reacted.

It’s been reported that WWE’s developmental system will undergo major changes with a big focus on bigger and younger guys going forward, with an exact quote being “no more midgets” and no-one over 30.

As has become a habit, AEW Executive Vice Presidents and Tag Team Champions the Young Bucks took to their Twitter bio to joke about the news, writing: “Very tall. Not in our 30s”.

This is of course despite the fact they are indeed in their 30s, and as far as wrestlers go, they’re not exactly giants.

There’s an account on Twitter that posts all of the Bucks’ Twitter bios, and it did the same for this one, which is when Gargano reacted.

Gargano, who turns 34 in five days and is under 200 pounds, but has been one of NXT’s top stars for several years, liked the tweet, as you can see here:

Johnny Gargano ‘likes’ the Young Bucks’ new bio poking fun at the reported NXT changes

We’re obviously not saying you should necessarily read anything into that, but you can if you really want to.

There’s said to be a lot of unrest and concern among NXT talent right now, especially after some surprising names were released just a few days ago.

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