Young Bucks Respond To AEW ‘Too Many Factions’ Criticism

2 years ago by Sanchez Taylor

Young Bucks Respond To AEW ‘Too Many Factions’ Criticism

AEW Executive Vice Presidents, Matt and Nick Jackson of The Young Bucks, have responded to the criticism that AEW has too many factions.

In recent months, AEW have debuted a number of new factions. With the likes of The Pinnacle and The Factory joining established stables such as The Inner Circle, some fans have argued that there are too many teams to keep track of.

In an interview with TV Insider, The Young Bucks defended the number of groups seen across AEW programming. Reminding fans that mass faction warfare is nothing new, Nick Jackson compared the company’s booking to the likes of NJPW’s.

Matt Jackson gave his response in character, reminding fans that they’re fickle and turn their backs on anything mainstream.

Here are the quotes:

Nick: “New Japan Pro Wrestling has been booking factions for more than 40 years, and they’re still around. I see the argument, but I think North American fans have never seen this many at one time. They are used to one, two, or three stables in a company.

“It’s easier to book angles. It’s easy to get more people involved with different groups. If you’re not aligned in a stable, you’re alone, and that’s hard to book sometimes. That’s why we have a lot of factions. It has clearly worked.”

Matt: “Fans are fickle. They are only with you when you’re underground. As soon as you go mainstream, they start turning on you. True Young Bucks fans will always be our fans, but there are ones who come and go. A lot of that we see on the internet now.

“It’s really toxic. That’s the reason we deleted our Twitter account over a year ago. But it’s fun now to bring our frustrations out. If you don’t like me, that’s fine. I’m going to make you not like me even more.”

On the latest episode of Dynamite, The Young Bucks defeated PAC and Rey Fenix to retain the AEW Tag Team Championship. In another segment, Matt Jackson called out the tag division, and Don Callis explained that these are The Young Bucks of old.

Also on the show, Christian Cage’s second ever AEW match was announced. Cage will face Team Taz’ Powerhouse Hobbs on next week’s episode of Dynamite.

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