Young Bucks Respond To Fans Saying They Can’t Wrestle

1 year ago by Andy Datson

Young Bucks Respond To Fans Saying They Can’t Wrestle

Multi-time match of the year winners the Young Bucks have responded to fans questioning their wrestling ability.

As has become a regular occurrence, the Bucks changed their Twitter bio over the weekend to make a pretty valid point to those criticising their abilities. The bio said:

“For guys who supposedly don’t kno how to wrestle, we sure have a lot of “Matches of the Year”… EVERY year. Just put it in the trophy room next to the others.”

And because one Twitter bio change wasn’t enough, they went on to change it again, this time taking credit for getting a lot of people signed to contracts with AEW.

The brothers also revealed it’s now been three years since they signed their first AEW deal. They signed contract extensions in November 2021, keeping them with the promotion until 2026.

The bio said:

“If we didn’t sign our AEW contracts 3 years ago to the day, how many wrestlers would be getting paid & featured every week on TV currently? Lol. You’re welcome.”

Both Matt and Nick are AEW EVPs, and therefore it could be that they stay with AEW for a long time beyond the end of their wrestling careers.

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