How Much Do You Know About WWE SummerSlam?

2 months ago by Andy Datson

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How Much Do You Know About WWE SummerSlam?

Think you have all the SummerSlam knowledge? Well prove it by taking our ultimate quiz!

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Who played the other Undertaker in the Undertaker vs. Undertaker match at SummerSlam '94?


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Who has been in the main event of SummerSlam the most times?

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How many times has the Money in the Bank briefcase been cashed in at SummerSlam?

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Where was the first ever SummerSlam event held?

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In which year did the first ever WWE Championship change take place at SummerSlam?

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Which city hosted SummerSlam six years in a row?


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Who was the most wins in SummerSlam history?

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What is the longest match in SummerSlam history?

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How many times has SummerSlam taken place outside of the month of August?

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At which SummerSlam did Brock Lesnar bust open Randy Orton in the main event?

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