How Much Do You Know About WWE WrestleMania?

2 months ago by Andy Datson

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How Much Do You Know About WWE WrestleMania?

Prove how much you know about WrestleMania with our ultimate quiz!

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Who was the first person The Undertaker defeated to start his WrestleMania streak?

The Undertaker

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Which female star has appeared at WrestleMania the most times?

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What was the longest WrestleMania in history?

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How many times has the Money in the Bank briefcase been cashed in at WrestleMania?

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Who won the first ever Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal?

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How many times has WrestleMania taken place outside of the USA?

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According to CageMatch, what is the worst WrestleMania of all time?

Vince McMahon

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Which of these cities has not hosted WrestleMania 3 times?

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Other than Nicholas, who is the youngest person ever to compete at WrestleMania?

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Who has lost the most matches in WrestleMania history?

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