WrestleTalk Friday Quiz, April 28th, 2023

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CM Punk set for AEW Rampage

WrestleTalk Friday Quiz, April 28th, 2023

How much do you remember about the world of wrestling this week?

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What was the opening match of WrestleMania Backlash 2022?

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Who did Jinder Mahal defeat at Backlash 2017 to become the WWE Champion?

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When was the first ever WWE Backlash show?

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WWE Backlash was dropped as an annual PPV in 2010, but made its return in which year?

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Which year's WWE Backlash was main-evented by Edge vs. Randy Orton in the "Greatest Wrestling Match Ever"?

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Who is this?

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Who is this?

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Who is this?

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Who is this?

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Who is this?

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Who was CM Punk filmed talking to in the car park at this week's WWE Raw?

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Which AEW show is rumoured for cancellation?

Tony Khan

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Which of these NXT stars has been pitched as a main roster call-up in the WWE Draft?

NXT WWE Draft Pretty Deadly

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Who is reportedly leading the pack to become the first holder of the new WWE World Heavyweight Championship?

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Roderick Strong made his AEW debut this week, but which current AEW star is he married to?

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How much are tickets for front row seats at AEW All In London?

AEW All In

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It was announced that Bad Bunny will take on Damian Priest in what type of match at WWE Backlash?

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Which former IWGP Heavyweight Champion revealed his contract expires at the start of 2024?


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Who reportedly ordered for CM Punk to leave the WWE Raw car park after he was spotted backstage?

CM Punk

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The return of which wrestling tournament was announced this week?

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